[TOP] prevailence

here i lay twiddling thumbs
waiting patiently for sleep to come
thinking of court in the morn
oh dear me- is that the dawn?
never mind i'll get up now
time, anyway, to beat lynn, the cow!
[TOP] sweetness itself

what is it that you whisper true?
what do i see when i look at you?
a bit of beauty, a bit of warmth,
a bit of smile there too...

brown those eyes and flush your cheeks,
something flutters when you speak

and there:- so mirthful, so playful
- so full of youth
though your eyes crinkle so cute

ha ha h...and now you laugh so joyous + free
free as the breeze and deep as sea

the air is so fresh and the birds,
they sing;

it's simply a brightness
that you bring.
[TOP] warmth

she keeps me warm with her smile
and the way her hands touch me
the way she throws her leg over me in bed
her look when she's horny
the things she whispers to me
the way she kisses me
the way she moans when i give her what she needs
the way she yearns for more
with her breath on my neck
and her hands on my cunt...