[TOP] the s. note

watch the clock
and you will see -
by this time today
i had destroyed me.

quivering and dying
i am placed in my grave -
i was nobody, and
there was nothing to save.

you can't stop me now,
i can't hide the pain -
peace i will have,
and love i will gain.

better kept hidden
than displayed on a shelf -
did love you all,
but didn't love myself.

four walls of dirt
and a ceiling of sky,
two angels here fall
to my wooden hide.

they tug at my soul
and allure me with light
"everything is fine now"
they sing in our flight.

i look down below
and what do i see,
a total of none
came and visited me.

i shrug my shoulders,
then suddenly ahead
i feel a great laughter
and the angels turn red.

struggle as i might
i am bound by some spell
but i don't think it strange
that i'm going to hell.