this is the personal web page of phoenix
(online since 2001)

please feel free to browse around. i know, it's very brown. my first site was also brown, so i guess i just like brown. most of my clothes are pretty bland too... so i think it's just a running theme in my life - not blandness, just the colour brown. the strange thing is that it's not even my faviourite colour... hmmm... go figure!

at the moment i'm happy with the level of completeness with this new-look website of mine. don't expect many more updates any time soon (if you paid attention to the dates of change, most of them occurred on public holidays). however, the first lot of updates i expect to do will be the recipe section. until then i've had quite enough of sitting in front of the computer and it's time to have a little lunch and read a book out side in the sun :-D

latest updates (07.01.2010)

just a few typo tweaks etc...

by the way...

it's called 'the honey pot' because i'm so sweet... ;-)