page updated: 05.01.2008


me in my chef's ourfit!

so i've got this cooking interest - which i think is fuelled mainly by eating interest... anyway, i love to whip things up and cook breakfast for my partner and make meals for friends and i love love love new tastes and trying different things.

what i'm doing here is putting up some tried and true favourites of ours and hope that other people can benefit from our efforts. all these recipies come from diversified sources.... family and friends, books, magazines, internet, and even tv cooking shows. most recipes we tend to alter in some small fashion, so the way they're written here are the way we like them (or the way we've made it work!)

i've made a start with these recipes, but there are soooooo many, i'll have to do it in stages, just so i can get all the sections started on my website that i wanted to put up here. i've made sure to have the tastiest ever dessert up first (the indian gulab jamun).

bon appetit!