text and reference

henderson's dictionary of biological terms (book cover)

henderson's dictionary of biological terms

ed by eleanor lawrence
isbn: 0-582-22708-9

i don't think i could have gone through university, earning a bachelor of biotechnology, without the assistance of this dictionary. i still use it to this day, as does my partner digs into it once in a while in her curren massage course.

even my brother, in his computer science degree has glanced at it in the past, out of genuine requirement! this is the most resourceful book i own. absolutely fantastic at clarification and also just general learning.

one thing about this dictionary is that it has lots of pictures (as you would hope when being described to the TCA cycle or sstructure of a neurone!) and very articulate (as you'd expect from a dictionary).

there is probably a much newer edition out now, than the one i have. so keep your eyes open for the most recent edition.

molecular genetics by klug and cummings (book cover)

genetics: a molecular perspective

by klug and cummings
isbn: 0-130-08530-8

this was my favourite text book when i was studying at university. it is clear, concise and has fantastic pictures. all the concepts it covers is written in an easy to follow logic, and has quizzes and questions at the end of each chapter covering the concepts learnt.

if i remember correctly it also came with a cd with animations and other bits n pieces. well worth the money.

it has been superseeded by a genetics book edited only by klug, however i haven't seen that book and so can't comment on it. this i saw, this i liked.

molecular biology of the cell (book cover)

molecular biology of the cell

by bruce alberts et al.
isbn: 0-815-33623-3

this book i found to be fantastic as a learning tool. i had the 3rd edition in paperback, but it was still a massive and wonderful book. the pictures really did well to demonstrate what the text was explaining (though the text itself was articulate.)

a copy of book was actually given to me by my father, who had it in his bookshelf for years before i actually went to uni - and lo and behold it was one of my required texts once i got there!

sams teach yourself web publishing with html 4 in 21 days (book cover)

sams teach yourself web publishing with html 4 in 21 days

by laura lemay, denise tyler
isbn: 0-672-31838-5

this was a superb reference book when i was learning the more difficult to grasp concepts of html 4. it went into depth on tables, frames, meta tags, and even had a fair bit of css 2. after i had learnt these skills, the book turned into a fantastic resource for links (to further my understanding/skill/keep me up to date) and for reference on odd tags i didn't use often.

i still have to look around for a similarly useful book which delves into the intricacies of css, however, the internet seems the best place at the moment because of the differential rendition of the code in various browsers requires a little more nit-picky tips and tricks, rather than a basic canvass of knowledge of css.