general fiction

the fourth treasure (book cover)

fourth treasure, the

by todd shimoda
isbn: 0-099-44507-7

another top-notch novel. this story is about a woman who is studying neuropsychology and becomes involved in researching a japanese calligrapher, who has had a stroke. many revelations come to light about who he is, why he's important, and who is important to her.

an amazing account of just how coincidences can come about, this book tells the tale of not only this woman, but of her ancestry, the calligrapher's history, and the history and spirituality of japanese calligraphy itself. the many real facts, which are superbly integrated into this story, make you believe the entirety of the book.

the little book of very bad poetry (book cover)

little book of very bad poetry, the

edited by kathryn and ross petras
isbn: 0-679-77622-2

now this little book i actually very much enjoyed reading!! and i didn't think that all the poems were so terrible at all! granted, some were *absolutely shocking*, but what i found most interesting was that some of my poetry was like those in this book! well, i think that perhaps the editors didn't really always understand the poet's intentions on some of those poems, or perhaps not reading them quite as properly as they should have - or maybe they read too much into them!! i know that my poems are sometimes just 'surface' poems - written to be lightly enjoyed, rather than finding depth, mystery or secrets in...!

by the same token, i could be wrong about this little book - maybe it was written more in jest? but i doubt it, it seems its editors were quite passionate about the poetry (or at least, their opinion about how bad the poetry was!)

in any case, this little book is worthwhile having a browse through. it will make you cry, it will make you laugh, it will make you cry. and some times, did i say?, it will make you cry... LOL

magician by raymond e. feist (book cover)


by raymond e. feist
isbn: 0-586-21783-5

i had been told time and time again that this book is a brilliant read that surpasses even the legendary j.r.r. tolkien "lord of the rings" epic, which i have read and did very much enjoy.

and now that i have finally read 'magician' i can say that they're absolutely right - this is a most fantastic and thrilling read. it got me right back into reading books, which i had 'shelved' for long time.

it's a story about two friends who grow up together in a town set in a wonderful fantasy land (similar to tolkien's 'middle earth'), which is invaded by a strange army. the two boyhood friends then learn to grow up very fast, and tap into skills and powers they never thought was possible.

there's not much more i can say without spoiling the novel for others yet to read it, so i will just lastly say that if you only read one book in your life - make it this one.

we need to talk about kevin (book cover)

we need to talk about kevin

by lionel shriver
isbn: 1-825-42889-9

i thoroughly enjoyed this book and would very much recommend everyone else to read it. superbly written, suspensful, electric. it is a fictional novel written from the point of view of a mother who's son (kevin) was involved in a school masacre.

the first few pages i was thinking to myself "ok, let's get on with the story already" because the book started off with a couple of letters written by kevin's mother, addressed to the kevin's father, post-masacre. when i flipped quickly through the other pages of the book, i realised that it was all written as letters from the mother to the father. once this realisation was firmly set, i began to really enjoy the story, and even appreciated the reason for the letter-based telling of it.

the mother recounts the up-bringing of kevin, and how she had always though of him negatively. it is expertly presented in a way that keeps the reader guessing to the last. thought-evoking and horrific. an absolute page-turner.

wyrd sisters by terrt pratchett (book cover)

wyrd sisters

by terry pratchett
isbn: 0-061-02066-4

this, my fist pratchet book, would have to be my favourite of his collection. i was laughing almost all the way though it, and enjoyed the simplicity of the jokes. then i then tried reading another of his ubiquitous novelles and found the humour was 'old', so i didn't enjoy any others after this, but gee it was great when i was reading it!