pages updated: 02.02.2008


i really like reading, and i have found that, in addition to my own choosing of titles for reading, recommendations from other people do yield some very interesting reading.

here, my intention is to present my favourite books, as well as my own short reviews on books i've read recently. i will provide as much information about the book i read so that others may find it easy to track the titles down. i also include the cover image of all the books. the books i read have exactly the same cover images i have here.

if you want to recommend a book to me, then i invite you to write me an email with details of the book. i'll need at the very least the book title and author, though ibsn is a great help, and if the book you're reading is of a particular edition that you like, then let me know that too.

i hope this may inspire people to read diversively and with enthusiam, as i found many of these books very engaging.